Primary Elections in Texas

March 6, 2018​

Did you know that Texas uses an OPEN PRIMARY SYSTEM, where voters do not have to register with a specific political party (Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, other) to vote? Voters select a candidate they believe should be their representative in the General Election.   March 6th, 2018 is the date when voters in Texas go to the poles to select the United States House of Representatives for 2018. This is one of the most consequential election in the history of our Nation, therefore, all citizens should be engage and participate in the selection of candidates to the US House of Representatives.

The role of the US House of Representative is extremely important for the smooth and “fair” running of all that needs to be done in the United States; influencing how individual states are treated; the funding of national crisis like the Harvey/Maria storms; health care legislation; national education bills and funding; the defense of our nation; the investigation of “wrong” doing by national leaders and our social ethics, values and norms. Therefore, it is extremely important that all citizens are involved, that all citizens register to vote for the Texas Primaries on March 6th, 2018  and select those representatives that will move Texas and the Nation forward into the future, with a positive agenda of economic growth, social justice, a great education program for our children, the protection of our veterans, a health care law that protects those who are less fortunate and treats our seniors with dignity and respect. Our representatives must be willing to represent Texas and the US with the highest standards of decorum​ and decency, and in the best interest of our Nation.

My name is Margarita Ruiz Johnson, a 2018 Candidate for the 22 District of Texas, a resident of Pearland, Texas since 1987, a proud Texan since 1975, a Viet Nam Era Veteran in Finance and Accounting, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Languages, and a Masters from The University of Houston at Clear Lake in the Behavioral Sciences.  My work experience is from business and human resources. In the past, I have been an adjunct professor at College of the Mainland, Alvin Community College and San Jacinto South.  I am a published author at the Library of Congress.  

If elected to Congress, I will focus on Health Care, Education, Senior Care, Veterans Benefits, Home land Security, Jobs, and Texas issues that will bring jobs to our state. I will represent Texas with dignity and decorum and make us proud.   www.margaritaruizjohnson.com

All those individuals who are willing to fight for US citizens, with high standards and decorum, wanting progress in economic growth with good paying jobs, a  great education system for our children,  quality  health care for our veterans, seniors and   "ALL"  US citizens, a health care that is comprehensive yet affortable, send contributions to:    


The MARGARITA for Congress Campaign


Margarita Ruiz Johnson

 for  the Texas 22 District.

P.O. Box 1073

Pearland, Texas 77588


EIN # 82-3741631

[email protected]


A Positive Agenda of Economic Growth


Reasonable GUN LAWS: Stop Killing our Children

 Health Care Law that Protects Those Less Fortunate

The Protection of Our Veterans  and Seniors

Great Education Program for Our Children

Respect and Quality Care for our Seniors

Competative Jobs with a "fair" Wage

Margarita Ruiz Johnson Facebook


Margarita Ruiz Johnson @Elect2018

Great Quality Education!

All children in America are deserving of high quality education that can allow them to compete in the job market in the US and abroad. Support our teachers and students to be the best that they can be to achieve those goals. Computer training should be a pre-requisite for all school age children and all  schools should be equipped with the latest computer systems that will allow the children to compete.

Health care!

Work with other members of Congress to implement a Health Care Program that is progressive and provides quality health care to all Americans at a reasonable price. Reduce the cost of medicines in the US via legislation. Make health care availabe to "ALL"  US citizens.  In support of Scientific research in COLON CANCER  by the  "National Institute of Health".  Check healthcarevoter.org

Seniors Protection and Respect!

Our seniors in Nursing Homes and Assisted living facilities should be protected and care for with dignity and respect for their contribution to our nation during challenging times and for setting a great example, for us, of sacrife during the depression, world war II, Korean and Viet Nam wars.  We owe them a debt of grattitute. In support of CDC scientific research to cure Alzheimer: www.cdc.gov/aging/alzheimer.htm  

Veterans Protection and Respect!

Quality health care for our soldiers is a must and we should do all we can to provide the support they need when they return from war and to provide them with the quality  health care that they need when they returned home.  We should never go to war, unless Congress meets their Congressional mandate, to vote on war issues and provides the FUNDS and EQUIPMENT  needed to go to war.

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Work with Congress to pass legislation to repair US bridges, roads, and electrical grid. Mentor "COMPUTER TRAINING" Programs in TEXAS 22nd District. Help US CITIZENS IN PUERTO RICO by supporting "Resilient Power Puerto Rico", a project of The Costal Marine Resource Center of New York, ResilientPR.org

Words for a Positive Vision for America

The Sun, the Stars, the Wind, the trees; 

 Mother Earth is Weeping,

for the loss of more CHILDREN


Please vote in the Texas Primaries on

 March 6, 2018

Margarita Ruiz Johnson, P.O. Box 1073, Pearland, Texas 77588​

Elect2018@aol.com:        501(c)3       EIN # 82-3741631